Ceiling fan, lighting, smoke alarm and power and data point installations are the common projects of electricians for households. These are necessary things for home and should not be done just by anyone especially if you will try DIY by watching tutorials on the internet. Dealing with wirings is not easy and should only be performed by professionals; Meaning, licensed and experienced electricians.

It may be a simple extension of power and data point out of an existing one but still it requires a specialist to do the job. If you let somebody who is not a professional to install these things at home it could start a bigger problem such as faulty wirings that can cause fire and will definitely cost you more.

Faulty wirings is another reason why people call electricians. Power points and wirings need replacement after sometime. Wires become thin and could wear out because we use them most of the time. High-grade materials can save you lots of money since you do not need to replace them easily. Electrical specialists know which the suitable material for households or residential sites is.  So if you choose an outstanding and trusted company such as Ranger Electrical, you do not have to worry about safety and your wires and outlets can stand good for more than a decade.

Residential switchboards is usually ignored by homeowners. They do not know the importance of a switchboard and why they need to change the one they have at home. The following reasons why it needs an upgrade are: 1.) It is no longer safe; old switchboards tend to corrode which can cause trouble and accident like fire. 2.) Overheating and not supplying enough electricity and 3.) Additional or some appliances require more energy and the switchboard cannot supply the demand. Failure to replace switchboards can mean much trouble. Aside from it can break appliances, it may cause the fuse to blow up.

Ranger Electrical deals with safety inspection to check if all the wirings and power points are in good condition. One of the major causes of fire is faulty wirings. It is good to pinpoint a defective wire or outlet right away especially the visible ones but sometimes we do not notice it until it causes terrible accidents.

Scheduling a safety inspection once in while is a requirement and should not be taken for granted. Skilled electricians can detect electrical problems easily and could prevent further damage.

There is an Australian Standard that makes guidelines, policies and regulations for the test and tag industry. What is it about?  It requires most companies, organizations and corporations to have their appliances and machineries checked by licensed electricians at least every 3 months. Other industries may not be required (but not construction and mining) so once they encounter an accident caused by any of the appliances in the workplace, the management will be completely liable and can be sued by the employee. Most portable appliances undergo this process wherein they use appliance testers to check if they are in good condition and safe to use. After testing, they tag or label the appliance as tested for good condition. They say it does not require a licensed electrician to do the Test and Tag procedure as long as they have enough knowledge to check an appliance but who would not choose someone who can fully understand electrical stuff like licensed electricians, right?

Just like in residential areas, maintenance is very important in commercial sites. In fact, they have more electrical checking schedules since they use more appliances, machines and even data points. Electricians need to see the condition of the wirings and appliances to make sure that they function well and will not cause any harm. They also predict if a certain machine or switchboards need an upgrade or a replacement. Electricians ensure safety so when they see fault in connections, they prevent it as soon as they can.

In this era, all offices need an internet for daily use. Internet providers send technicians to install data points needed as an outlet for modems. But for extra or additional connections, skilled electricians can provide both power and data points in the workplace. Ranger Electrical can finish the job in few hours and can guarantee satisfaction to clients.

Installation of air-conditioning appliances in the office requires skill and effort. Especially when the units are split type and not the free-standing ones. Electrical professionals would suggest breakers or switchboards for safety measures since these appliances are running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week especially during the summer season when everyone loves to stay indoors while enjoying the cool air.

You may not notice but air-conditioners are the most overused appliance in a commercial area. Sometimes they just ignore these and do not get their air-conditioners maintained by professionals. Just like any other machine they need to be checked once in a while. If it is not cooling like it used to be, it may need proper and intensive cleaning or the breakers might need to be replaced.

Electricians need to see if the switchboards and breakers are enough to supply the electricity needed by huge appliances such as air-conditioning. Faulty wirings and overheating switchboards or fuse may destroy appliances or worse, can cause issues for the whole electric system which may lead to fire and explosion. Only electrical specialists can check if it is suitable or not.